The can and propellant

Facts about the can and the propellant

The production of the mist is done in two days, mixing the ingredients of thermal spa water, white tea and other antioxidants, and concealing the container with the nozzle and pumphead. We want our product to be as fresh and vivid as possible and strive to have an effective, clean and eco friendly production.

Small amounts (5 grams) of nitrogen is used as propellant. Nitrogen is harmless to both human beings and the environment when it occurs in small amounts. The atmosphere is actually made up of mostly nitrogen. In addition to being the propellant, spreading the spa water into small particles, the gas cools down the liquid in the container. We want the spa water to be fresh and cool when leaving the container, sharpening the sences to the person using our mist.

Nitrogen used as propellant is neither explosive nor flammable.