There are many reasons why MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST™ uses pure Norwegian thermal spa water as key ingredient in the range of facial mists. As one of five producers of spa water facial mists world wide - the only one of its kind with a whole product range of mists with antioxidants, it is important to teach our customers the benefits and fantastic effects spa water has on our skin and what it does for our wellbeing.

Many people who are introduced to MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST™ ask: "Why not splash your face with water from the sink? 
Here are some of the most important reasons why we choose to use thermal spa water in the products.

Spring water is a product deriving directly from mother earth. It is as pure as water can be - nurtured by nature, and no chemicals or conservatives have been added. The water has a natural percentage of active ingredients that has been added due to its continuous contact with the earth and soil. These are minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphates, etc. The human body, coming from the same soil and the same earth, is made with equivalent natural ingredients and will automatically respond better to pure products and pure foods. Thermal spa water is vivid water.

Distilled water and tap water contains chemicals and conservatives, making it a modern, dead product.

The distilled water will automatically dry the skin, while the natural spa and spring water binds hydration and is automatically soothing. This makes the mist a great product for your make-up regime and touching up, being used together with your skin care products, cleaning your skin from sweat, impurities and polution, sharpening and focusing, etc.

 The skin, being a natural product itself, will always tolerate the pure and natural best. We are striving to produce a product true to nature in every step of the process. The water from our source, Skogshornkilden, is tested on a regular basis, securing its quality.

Our products are approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. They are so pure you can eat them. All MWFM products are 100 % Norwegian.

MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST™ is the only one in the world combining thermal spa water and active antioxidants from white tea, goji and acai. Other brands producing aerosol spray mists with active ingredients do not use thermal spa water.

Being the only manufacturer of aerosol sprays creating products with these ingredients puts MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST™ in a league of its own.

MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST™ unique product range combines the best of two worlds, producing short-traveled, 100 % organic and natural products.