Aerosol Spray

The difference between the pump mist and spray/aerosol mist.

When choosing a mist, is there a difference between the pump and the spray/aerosol?
The answer to this question is a definite YES!

There are many differences between the two, stating everything from quality, expiration and safety. (SCROLL DOWN FOR MORE INFO).


  • When sprayed, the water leaves the bottle in finer particles than the squirt of a pump mist. The tiny water particles blend into the air. As a result, the spa water covers all of your skin - in one movement. The liquids in the pump mist can not be spread in the same way. The amount of liquid is restricted to what goes in the one pump/squirt, while the mist of the aerosol spray runs continuous. This makes your movements when applying unison and beautifully coordinated with the ray of water. 
  • The skin absorbs the liquid much better due to the fine state it is in when it leaves the container. This makes MWFM a fantastic product for make-up application and for the post make-up touch ups. The liquid will not run and ruin the look. However, it will conceal the made-up face, making the products longer lasting and highlighting their effects.
  • The aerosol spray mists live much longer life than the pump mists. The container of MWFM is concealed and the liquid will therefor not be subjected to oxygen. The pump mists have screw caps. They can easily be opened, automatically fastening the expiration of the content. Like this, unknown liquids may also be added to the bottle.
  • Because of the concealed container of the spray mists you will never be in doubt of the quality of the product.

  • Last but not least, the liquids in the aerosol container stay chilled because of the propellant. Like this the mist will always be cooling and soothing for the skin.

A spray mist should be an easy choise over the pump mist, due to quality, expiration and safety. You want a long lasting product that gives the best result, never leaving you insecure of its contents.