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Maya Water Facial Mist was at the spectacular and inspiring event by Mario Dedivanovic, the man behind the famous contouring techniques for Kim Kardashian herself. We met him in a quite private event in Oslo, Norway. Read more to get to know all of his secrets. 



 An excited and glamorous crowd waiting to get in to finally get to know the secret behind the kardashians fabulous look.


And of course goodiebags are essential in events like these.

 While waiting for the celebrity make-up artist, the curious guest had time to mingle and have a small lunch. You also had the opportunity to get your make-up done at different stands represented by amazing brands like Bitchn' brows, Frøya, Ardeli, Coverbrands and more; and they all welcomed you with warm arms and heart. 














Around 13:25, the man of the hour arrived! Mario had a whole table of make-up and brushes ready to change the entire face of this model through his famous contouring techniques. 

Before Mario makes her face FIERCE AND PHOTOREADY. 

A lot of international guests were present under the event; which only reflects how talented Mr. Dedivanovic is, the man has fans all over the world. A true inspiring make-up artist!


And then it began! He revealed at once that he never uses a primer. The crowd became a little more than confused, but was given the explanation that Mario does not like to use more products than necessary. He then continues to tell us about how a good moisturizer is the perfect base for all make-up. He used Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. The reason for this is that hydrated skin will prevent the make-up from becoming "cakey" and dry! #MWFM is perfect in this instance, both to hydrate the skin before make-up, but also to fix if your makeup becomes dry and tired. This will give you the picture-perfect look the kardashians has; the look that we all aim for. 

Mr. Dedivanovic then told us that his absolute favourite foundation at the time is Bobbibrown. He preferes the cream foundation, simply because it gives off a more natural look, and again: it will not crack and dry thoughout the day. Bobbibrown is basically very fatty, and therefore it's a perfect weapon against uneven and unclean skin! He also adds that he loves the Shaping Cream Foundation from Armani. He contiues by telling us repeatly that by using an oily foundation, your skin will glow more and more throughout the day. The way to perfect skin is through an oily foundation!

For contouring, Mario uses the contouring kit by Anastasia. The essential goal of contouring is light, and you will literally need to be a painter of the face! Use the dark colours where there is shadow on your face, and the light colours on the highlights; thereby you will create a dramatic and fierce look. The darkest colours were used under the cheekbones, on the nose bridge, and even under the chin. To highlight, he used a very light yellow from Bobbi Brown. Then he blended with a damp sponge. A damp sponge is gentle and will not irritate your skin. He topped everything with a powder from Smashbox. 


One of his last moves were a blush from Too face, and a highlighter from Charlotte Tilbury. Then to end it all he sprayed a hymid blender spray to blend all the hard edges, and to get that natural look! 











1. NEVER use a primer. Primers will hinder the skins natural oils, instead use a moisturizing cream! This will stimmulate and hydrate the skin, and when the natural oils comes out; you will glow! The oil from the make-up and from the skin will mix togheter to give you the picture-perfect look!

2. When you draw your brows, never draw too much on the inner part. If you do so, your eyes will look closer together, and we do not want that!

3. NEVER fix your brows in a straight line if you want to go for a more feminine look. 

4. When you fix your fake lashes, leave some room inbetween; or else it will end up looking fake!

5. Love bronze and gold eyeshadow, it will give off a glamorous and feirce look.  

6. USE MAKE-UP ON ALL VISIBLE SKIN. This might not show in real life, but it's dreadfully visible in photos. Mario uses makeup even on the ears, neck (remember the back of the neck), and hands!

We at MAYA WATER FACIAL MIST is still in awe of the work done by Mario Dedivanovic. Only good memories were created watching him do what he do best. We are truly happy to have been part of this great event.