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By Hege Bellika Hansen - Social Media Manager at MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST

 Hege Bellika Hansen from the MAYAWATER-team together with Luke Fry, Beauty Department Manager at LIBERTY LONDON

What was it that made Liberty want to sell MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST?

- The products that we look for have to be unique. London is a big city with plenty of department stores that sell a lot of the same products and brands. We at Liberty want our customers to discover different and cool products that the big department stores haven’t picked up yet. Therefore, we take in a lot of products, like MAYAWATER, that most of the public might not be familiar with, but has the possibility to catch on because of it’s quality and uniqueness.


What does your job evolve around?

- My position, as the Beauty Department Manager, basically evolves around taking care of people in various ways. I take part in training employees, customer service, upholding standards here at Liberty and much more. It is a very fast paced job because I work with very many people


Do you have a favourite amongst the different MAYAWATER FACIAL MISTS?

- I do. I use MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST in GOJI a lot in the summer because the natural beta-carotene in the goji berries promotes tanning.

                                 Hege Bellika Hansen from the MAYAWATER-team outside of LIBERTY LONDON       

How did you get to where you are today?

- I worked several years in fashion retail when I was quite young, from which I learned valuable skills like how to treat customers and workings of a store. I have also studied Make-up and special effects at London College of Fashion, from which I went on to do work in the beauty industry in different parts and positions, resulting in learning a great deal of everything. And now here I am working at Liberty.


Why, in your professional opinion, should people use MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST?

- The great thing about MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST is that it is an additional product which is very easy to use. You don’t need to change anything about your skin care regime and/or routine to use this product as you might have to with any other products. Of course, the other reason why you should use it is because it gives moisture to your skin without affecting any possible make-up or styling.


How do you make it in the beauty industry?

- Passion. No matter how much experience one has it can’t compare with passion. When I looked for two people to work for Chantecaille here at Liberty I hired two girls because of their passion and enthusiasm for the brand, despite that neither of them had experience in retail. And they went on to do very well.