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A makeup artist friend, Pammy, introduced Maya water facial mist to me a few months ago and after using the product throughout the course of the day I could feel a huge difference in my skin! Usually after a day under hot lights and heavy makeup my skin feels tired and irritated but instead it felt really refreshed and somewhat soothed. Before Pammy had started my makeup she sprayed it over my face as it helped to lock in moisture resulting in my makeup looking fresher for longer as my skin was perfectly hydrated. I have been hooked ever since, and as you might have already guessed, it makes the perfect travel partner.

Photo: Model & More

The product itself is sourced in Skogshorn, Hemsedal in Norway and it couldn't be purer. The water here has a natural percentage of active ingredients due to its contact with the soil. These ingredients can be incredibly beneficial to skin, especially when living in the world we live in today. I live between two of the most polluted cities in the world, London and New York, and I am well aware of the impact this has to my skin. Growing up in the countryside I never had a problem with my skin until I first moved to London and it was exposed to city life. The active ingredients in the mist such as Calcium, Pottasium and Magnesium help to protect and resist against those environmental factors that can have a impact on your skin making it seem that I never left the country. 

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What makes Maya water facial mist different to other facial water sprays I hear you ask..? Well the difference is its the only mist in the world combining thermal spa water and active antioxidants from white tea, goji and acai adding extra benefits for skin. The goji contains 18 different amino acids and along with the acai contains vitamins A, C, E, iron and zinc. The acai also contains fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 making it a great mist for delicate skin. White tea acts as an inflammatory that protects the cell surface on the skin. 

One of Maya Gulbrandsen’s (the founder) quote’s, really made a lot of sense to me…

”Our skin has been the same since the beginning of time - the world we live in has not! Nourish your skin in the best possible way to fight what we are exposed to in our everyday life”

We can’t necessarily help the way the world is evolving and the way it affects our bodies, skin and mind. We can however use products that are made with the equivalent natural ingredients to the human body as we automatically respond better to pure products and food. 

Every time I spray the mist, I take a deep breath and let my mind take me back to the country or the beach, helping to reset my mind several times throughout the day!

Photo: Model & More