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Maya Water Facial Mist can be a booster to your favourite skin care products. Serums, creams and oils will easier blend into the skin when it has been prepped with a generous spray of spa water. If you need glow or an energy boost, or just want to add hydration and antioxidants, the range of facial mists covers every need.
The mist cools down, soothes the skin and gives it more elasticity. Dry, tight skin will never absorb hydrators like elastic skin. MWFM will give your skin care products more of their money's worth. There is no point having expensive products if they will not perform as good as they actually can.

Spray your face, neck and hair before applying any products. Let the mist absorb, then apply your base being oils, serums and eye creams. You will feel it is much easier applying oils and serums. On dry skin these products do not even out as easy, and you will have to use more to get the same effect. Follow with the hydrator. If you think your cream is too heavy or thick, it is possible to use MWFM as thinner. Put the cream in the middle of your palm and spray with MWFM - then apply.

When all products have absorbed, spray a generous amount of mist over face and neck.
Remember to use MWFM twenty times during the day. You will then see a great difference in the appearance of your skin and complexion.