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Applying Maya Water Facial Mist before make up gives several benefits for a better, more radiant look. MWFM should be a natural selection for your skin after you have applied your daily hydrator, being creams or serums. First of all, the mist soothes, hydrates and cools down the skin, leaving it more elastic and ready to wear powder or fluid make up as a base. Tight and dry skin absorbs make up in a lesser way, giving a poor result where the make up stays visably on the outside, not blending properly with the skin. Having applyed the base of powder or liquid foundation, use some more facial mist to even out the first layer of make up. This will make application of blusher or rouge, lip colour, eye liner and eye make up better and easier. A last shower of the mist is a great way to finish of the beauty routine, getting focused for what is coming - a day at work, a night out on town. Using Maya Water Facial Mist makes the make up longer lasting effect on the skin. Remember to spray regularly for an instant touch up.

The skin will in a tight condition be more fragile and can easier react to certain products when not being hydrated. It is important to take caution when wearing make up.

The make up should always benefit the look, and this is easier using Maya Water Facial Mist in the first steps in your make up routine.