MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST is now available in the Beauty Department at Liberty London.



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MWFM is now available at Magasin du Nord in Denmark at Kongens Nytorv, Lyngby and Aarhus





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Many people who are introduced to Maya Water Facial Mist come with the same comment: "Why not splash your face with water from the sink?


There are many reasons to why Maya Water Facial Mist uses pure Norwegian spa water as key ingredient in the range of facial mists. As one of five producers of spa water facial mists world wide - the only one of its kind with a whole product range of mists with antioxidants, it is important to teach our customers the benefits and fantastic effects spa water has on our skin and what it does for our wellbeing.


Maya Water Facial Mist Pure, Avéne Thermal Spring Water, Evian Facial Spray, Roc and Vichy Thermal Spa Water Spray are the only products on the market using thermal spa water in their mists.

Maya Water Facial Mist is the only one in the world combining thermal spa water and active antioxidants from white tea, goji and acai. Other brands producing aerosol spray mists with active ingredients do not use thermal spa water.

Being the only manufacturer of aerosol sprays creating products with these ingredients puts Maya Water Facial Mist in a league of its own.


MWFM's unique product range combines the best of two worlds, producing short-traveled, 100 % organic and natural products.


Here are some of the most important reasons why MWFM chooses to use thermal spa water in the products.


Spring water is a product deriving directly from mother earth. It is as pure as water can be - nurtured by nature, and no chemicals or conservatives have been added. The water has a natural percentage of active ingredients that has been added due to its continuous contact with the earth and soil. These are minerals, such as potassium, calcium, magnesium, sodium, sulphates, etc. The human body, coming from the same soil and the same earth, is made with equivalent natural ingredients and will automatically respond better to pure products and pure foods. Spring water is vivid water.


Distilled water contains chemicals and conservatives, making it a modern, dead product.

The distilled water will automatically dry the skin, while the natural spa and spring water binds hydration and is automatically soothing. This makes the mist a great product for your make-up regime and touching up, being used together with your skin care products, cleaning your skin from sweat, impurities and polution, sharpening and focusing, etc.


The skin, being a natural product itself, will always tolerate the pure and natural best. We are striving to produce a product true to nature in every step of the process. The water from our source, Skogshornkilden, is tested on a regular basis, securing its quality.


Our products are approved by the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. They are so pure you can eat them. All MWFM products are 100 % Norwegian.


Maya Water Facial Mist can be a booster to your favourite skin care products. Serums, creams and oils will easier blend into the skin when it has been prepped with a generous spray of spa water. If you need glow or an energy boost, or just want to add hydration and antioxidants, the range of facial mists covers every need.
The mist cools down, soothes the skin and gives it more elasticity. Dry, tight skin will never absorb hydrators like elastic skin. MWFM will give your skin care products more of their money's worth. There is no point having expensive products if they will not perform as good as they actually can.

Spray your face, neck and hair before applying any products. Let the mist absorb, then apply your base being oils, serums and eye creams. You will feel it is much easier applying oils and serums. On dry skin these products do not even out as easy, and you will have to use more to get the same effect. Follow with the hydrator. If you think your cream is too heavy or thick, it is possible to use MWFM as thinner. Put the cream in the middle of your palm and spray with MWFM - then apply.

When all products have absorbed, spray a generous amount of mist over face and neck.
Remember to use MWFM twenty times during the day. You will then see a great difference in the appearance of your skin and complexion.


Does the winter make your complexion tired and grey, or was yesterday's party longer lasting and harder than expected?

-Fear not; Maya's Quick Fix Formula is made to sharpen and shine.


Step 1: Start your skin care ritual - as always - with a generous spray of Maya Water Facial Mist. 

Step 2: Apply the Chanel Ultra Correction Lift Masque and let it work for approximately 10 minutes. Spray again with a generous amount of MWFM til it runs. Then clean your skin with a tissue or Kleenex.

Step 3: Clarins Eye Revive Beauty Flash is one of the most refreshening and brightening eye creams on the market and is perfect for the sensitive eye area. Pat the eye cream on the skin under the eyes. It is important to pat it to start the sirculation in the skin and you will feel the swollenness decrease.

Step 4: Kiehls Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate is a extremely active and reduces both pores and lines. It contains pure vitamin C.


Winter will not feel as long when using the Quick Fix Formula!



Applying Maya Water Facial Mist before make up gives several benefits for a better, more radiant look. MWFM should be a natural selection for your skin after you have applied your daily hydrator, being creams or serums. First of all, the mist soothes, hydrates and cools down the skin, leaving it more elastic and ready to wear powder or fluid make up as a base. Tight and dry skin absorbs make up in a lesser way, giving a poor result where the make up stays visably on the outside, not blending properly with the skin. Having applyed the base of powder or liquid foundation, use some more facial mist to even out the first layer of make up. This will make application of blusher or rouge, lip colour, eye liner and eye make up better and easier. A last shower of the mist is a great way to finish of the beauty routine, getting focused for what is coming - a day at work, a night out on town. Using Maya Water Facial Mist makes the make up longer lasting effect on the skin. Remember to spray regularly for an instant touch up.

The skin will in a tight condition be more fragile and can easier react to certain products when not being hydrated. It is important to take caution when wearing make up.

The make up should always benefit the look, and this is easier using Maya Water Facial Mist in the first steps in your make up routine.


An adequate fluid intake is important for a fresh and young looking skin.
Water is the main component of the body and must be provided continuously. Drier skin is a familiar sign of aging.
MWFM contains water straight from the source and White tea. It is a good harmonizing product as it contains a large amount of catechins, which acts as an anti-inflammatory and protects cell surfaces.
It is equally important to moisture your skin from the outside with MWFM and from within, with spring water and several cups of White tea every day.

Goji berries are considered as one of the most nutritious berries on the earth. They are rich in protein, vitamin A, C and E and packed with 18 different amino acids.
Goji berries contains a lot of antioxidants, more than 20 minerals and vitamins including zinc, iron, phosphorus, riboflavin (B2) and beta-carotene, which is great in the summer to boost your tan.
Goji berries come from Tibet and are great in combination with White Tea, to fight the skins aging process, because they combat the free radicals that damage our cells.
Both Maya Water Facial Mist with Organic Acai and Maya Water Facial Mist with Goji, contain antioxidants, the only difference being that MWFM with Acai contains omega 3 and MWFM with Goji contains beta carotene.

MWFM should be used at least 20 times a day, to protect against external and internal aliments.
The world we live in today requires us to do ‘something extra’ for our skin, so it will look fresh all day.
External influences such as pollution break down the skin more than ever, so we need a good supply of antioxidants to resist this.
MWFM has a mission to help your skin resist! Try it out and see how great your skin will feel.