Get to know #MWFM! Learn how and when to mist, and feel the refreshing soul of the Norwegian thermal spa source water!
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By Minn Saung Thit Aung Zaw, Social Media Manager at MAYA WATER FACIAL MIST


#MWFM was a part of the prestigious event; Beauty Buffet, in Copenhagen Fashion Week 2016. The event was directed by Charlotte Torpegaar og Uffe Bucherd, and 9 amazing other brands took part. Our founder had the honour of meeting great editors, singers, designers, and other important and gracious people; one of them was the countess of Danmark, Countess Alexandra. We are truly proud to have been part of Beauty Buffet, and we hope all the guests enjoyed our refreshing mist.

#BeautybuffetCPH // Click on the link below to watch Uffe & Charlotte talk about #MWFM. 

Uffe & Charlotte talking about #MWFM





Our founder Maya Gulbrandsen with Countess Alexandra.



Maya Water Facial Mist was at the spectacular and inspiring event by Mario Dedivanovic, the man behind the famous contouring techniques for Kim Kardashian herself. We met him in a quite private event in Oslo, Norway. Read more to get to know all of his secrets. 



 An excited and glamorous crowd waiting to get in to finally get to know the secret behind the kardashians fabulous look.


And of course goodiebags are essential in events like these.

 While waiting for the celebrity make-up artist, the curious guest had time to mingle and have a small lunch. You also had the opportunity to get your make-up done at different stands represented by amazing brands like Bitchn' brows, Frøya, Ardeli, Coverbrands and more; and they all welcomed you with warm arms and heart. 














Around 13:25, the man of the hour arrived! Mario had a whole table of make-up and brushes ready to change the entire face of this model through his famous contouring techniques. 

Before Mario makes her face FIERCE AND PHOTOREADY. 

A lot of international guests were present under the event; which only reflects how talented Mr. Dedivanovic is, the man has fans all over the world. A true inspiring make-up artist!


And then it began! He revealed at once that he never uses a primer. The crowd became a little more than confused, but was given the explanation that Mario does not like to use more products than necessary. He then continues to tell us about how a good moisturizer is the perfect base for all make-up. He used Kiehl's Ultra Facial Cream. The reason for this is that hydrated skin will prevent the make-up from becoming "cakey" and dry! #MWFM is perfect in this instance, both to hydrate the skin before make-up, but also to fix if your makeup becomes dry and tired. This will give you the picture-perfect look the kardashians has; the look that we all aim for. 

Mr. Dedivanovic then told us that his absolute favourite foundation at the time is Bobbibrown. He preferes the cream foundation, simply because it gives off a more natural look, and again: it will not crack and dry thoughout the day. Bobbibrown is basically very fatty, and therefore it's a perfect weapon against uneven and unclean skin! He also adds that he loves the Shaping Cream Foundation from Armani. He contiues by telling us repeatly that by using an oily foundation, your skin will glow more and more throughout the day. The way to perfect skin is through an oily foundation!

For contouring, Mario uses the contouring kit by Anastasia. The essential goal of contouring is light, and you will literally need to be a painter of the face! Use the dark colours where there is shadow on your face, and the light colours on the highlights; thereby you will create a dramatic and fierce look. The darkest colours were used under the cheekbones, on the nose bridge, and even under the chin. To highlight, he used a very light yellow from Bobbi Brown. Then he blended with a damp sponge. A damp sponge is gentle and will not irritate your skin. He topped everything with a powder from Smashbox. 


One of his last moves were a blush from Too face, and a highlighter from Charlotte Tilbury. Then to end it all he sprayed a hymid blender spray to blend all the hard edges, and to get that natural look! 











1. NEVER use a primer. Primers will hinder the skins natural oils, instead use a moisturizing cream! This will stimmulate and hydrate the skin, and when the natural oils comes out; you will glow! The oil from the make-up and from the skin will mix togheter to give you the picture-perfect look!

2. When you draw your brows, never draw too much on the inner part. If you do so, your eyes will look closer together, and we do not want that!

3. NEVER fix your brows in a straight line if you want to go for a more feminine look. 

4. When you fix your fake lashes, leave some room inbetween; or else it will end up looking fake!

5. Love bronze and gold eyeshadow, it will give off a glamorous and feirce look.  

6. USE MAKE-UP ON ALL VISIBLE SKIN. This might not show in real life, but it's dreadfully visible in photos. Mario uses makeup even on the ears, neck (remember the back of the neck), and hands!

We at MAYA WATER FACIAL MIST is still in awe of the work done by Mario Dedivanovic. Only good memories were created watching him do what he do best. We are truly happy to have been part of this great event.


by Minn Saung Thit Aung Zaw, Social Media Managar at MWFM


COSTUME.DK wrote about MAYA WATER FACIAL MIST, explaining one of the many ways to use it. Dry winter air will effect your hands, lips and facial skin, but even your legs might crack and irritate! Cure this by exfoliating, and then spraying #MWFM, and while their damp, moisturise them with a body cream or oil. Read the full article at COSTUME.DK

By Minn Saung Thit Aung Zaw, Social Media Manager

Linn Linnea, a makeup artist and stylist at the famous salong - Gevir - in Oslo, Norway, says #MWFM is "Perfect for tired skin." Words of wisdom from the women who has styled one of Norway's most profiled celebrities: Maria Mena. Check out what else she has to say about us.

By Hege Bellika Hansen - Social Media Manager at MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST

 Hege Bellika Hansen from the MAYAWATER-team together with Luke Fry, Beauty Department Manager at LIBERTY LONDON

What was it that made Liberty want to sell MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST?

- The products that we look for have to be unique. London is a big city with plenty of department stores that sell a lot of the same products and brands. We at Liberty want our customers to discover different and cool products that the big department stores haven’t picked up yet. Therefore, we take in a lot of products, like MAYAWATER, that most of the public might not be familiar with, but has the possibility to catch on because of it’s quality and uniqueness.


What does your job evolve around?

- My position, as the Beauty Department Manager, basically evolves around taking care of people in various ways. I take part in training employees, customer service, upholding standards here at Liberty and much more. It is a very fast paced job because I work with very many people


Do you have a favourite amongst the different MAYAWATER FACIAL MISTS?

- I do. I use MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST in GOJI a lot in the summer because the natural beta-carotene in the goji berries promotes tanning.

                                 Hege Bellika Hansen from the MAYAWATER-team outside of LIBERTY LONDON       

How did you get to where you are today?

- I worked several years in fashion retail when I was quite young, from which I learned valuable skills like how to treat customers and workings of a store. I have also studied Make-up and special effects at London College of Fashion, from which I went on to do work in the beauty industry in different parts and positions, resulting in learning a great deal of everything. And now here I am working at Liberty.


Why, in your professional opinion, should people use MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST?

- The great thing about MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST is that it is an additional product which is very easy to use. You don’t need to change anything about your skin care regime and/or routine to use this product as you might have to with any other products. Of course, the other reason why you should use it is because it gives moisture to your skin without affecting any possible make-up or styling.


How do you make it in the beauty industry?

- Passion. No matter how much experience one has it can’t compare with passion. When I looked for two people to work for Chantecaille here at Liberty I hired two girls because of their passion and enthusiasm for the brand, despite that neither of them had experience in retail. And they went on to do very well.

Grunnleggeren av MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST, Maya Gulbrandsen, hadde en liten samtale med The Scandinavian Traveler om produktet sitt i sammenheng med en artikkel som de skrev om norske designerprodukter for reiseglade mennesker. Under kan du lese utdraget fra artikkelen om MWFM på både norsk og engelsk eller så kan du lese hele artikkelen her.


The founder of MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST, Maya Gulbrandsen, had a little chat with The Scandinavian Traveler about her product for an article they wrote about Norwegian travel-friendly design products. You can read the excerpt from the article about MWFM below in both Norwegian and English or you can read the entire article here (in Norwegian).


Bilde av artikkelen.


Utdrag fra artikkelen (på norsk):

Maya Water Facial Mist

 – Huden er et kart du kan lese. Holder du den ikke fuktig, ser den tørr og mer rynkete ut, sier hudpleier og makeup-artist Maya Guldbrandsen.

Derfor har hun utviklet et kildevann som du kan spraye huden din med både mens du sitter ved pc eller om bord i flyet, Maya Water Facial Mist. Boksens dyse sprer vannet lett og jevnt og gjør at du holder huden fuktet – uten at eventuell sminke blir skylt bort..

Nå er hun på vei til å stjele markedsandeler fra andre lignende produkter.

 – Det som er spesielt med dette sprayen, er at den i tillegg til rent norsk kildevann fra Skogshorn, også inneholder hvit te, gojibær og acai.

Sprayen kommer også i reisestørrelser på 70 ml. Fås kjøpt på blant annet Høyer i Norge, Illums, Magasin du Nord i København, Liberty i London og i nettbutikken, og Pris: 179 kroner for spray i reisestørrelse.



Translated version of the excerpt from the article (in English):

Maya Water Facial Mist

- The skin is a map that you can read. It will look dry and more wrinkled if you don’t keep it moisturized, says beautician and makeup-artist Maya Gulbrandsen.

Therefore, she developed a thermal spa water called Maya Water Facial Mist, which you can spray yourself with while you sit next to your computer or on an airplane. The cans nozzle spreads the water lightly and evenly and gives the skin moisture – without effecting the makeup.

She is now on the way to stele market shares from other similar products.

- What makes this facial mist so special, is that in addition to containing clean Norwegian spring water, it contains white tea, goji berries and acai.

The facial mist also comes in a travel sizes on 70 ml. You can by it at, among other places, Høyer in Norway, Illums, Magasin du Nord in Copenhagen, Liberty in London, the web shops, and Price: 179 Norwegian kroner/15 English pounds for facial mist in travel size. 

Thank you so much Freundin Magazine for adding MAYAWATER FACIAL MIST in your Nordic Beauty feature.

Read the great review of our range on by their beauty writer, Abi Fox. Model & More is a blogger collective run by models who write about beauty, health, travel and litterature.

Photo: Model & More

A makeup artist friend, Pammy, introduced Maya water facial mist to me a few months ago and after using the product throughout the course of the day I could feel a huge difference in my skin! Usually after a day under hot lights and heavy makeup my skin feels tired and irritated but instead it felt really refreshed and somewhat soothed. Before Pammy had started my makeup she sprayed it over my face as it helped to lock in moisture resulting in my makeup looking fresher for longer as my skin was perfectly hydrated. I have been hooked ever since, and as you might have already guessed, it makes the perfect travel partner.

Photo: Model & More

The product itself is sourced in Skogshorn, Hemsedal in Norway and it couldn't be purer. The water here has a natural percentage of active ingredients due to its contact with the soil. These ingredients can be incredibly beneficial to skin, especially when living in the world we live in today. I live between two of the most polluted cities in the world, London and New York, and I am well aware of the impact this has to my skin. Growing up in the countryside I never had a problem with my skin until I first moved to London and it was exposed to city life. The active ingredients in the mist such as Calcium, Pottasium and Magnesium help to protect and resist against those environmental factors that can have a impact on your skin making it seem that I never left the country. 

Photo: Model & More

What makes Maya water facial mist different to other facial water sprays I hear you ask..? Well the difference is its the only mist in the world combining thermal spa water and active antioxidants from white tea, goji and acai adding extra benefits for skin. The goji contains 18 different amino acids and along with the acai contains vitamins A, C, E, iron and zinc. The acai also contains fatty acids omega 3, 6 and 9 making it a great mist for delicate skin. White tea acts as an inflammatory that protects the cell surface on the skin. 

One of Maya Gulbrandsen’s (the founder) quote’s, really made a lot of sense to me…

”Our skin has been the same since the beginning of time - the world we live in has not! Nourish your skin in the best possible way to fight what we are exposed to in our everyday life”

We can’t necessarily help the way the world is evolving and the way it affects our bodies, skin and mind. We can however use products that are made with the equivalent natural ingredients to the human body as we automatically respond better to pure products and food. 

Every time I spray the mist, I take a deep breath and let my mind take me back to the country or the beach, helping to reset my mind several times throughout the day!

Photo: Model & More