Product Review – Organic White Tea

Maya Water Facial Mist Organic White Tea

Product Review

I was recently sent Maya Water to try out and thought I would review it for you guys. Although it’s name can be misleading, it is not actually a drink, but rather, a revitalizing spray for your face.

I had never heard of Maya Water before, owing to the fact that it is a Norwegian company that is currently expanding into the United States. Maya Water is an “energizing Norwegian thermal spa water,” and boasts that it helps “to nourish, cleanse and apply moisture on bare skin, or over your make up.”

In simple terms

It is a bottle of water that when sprayed on your face emits a fine mist and moisturizers your skin. I have been using it over the last few days, both over makeup and on bare skin. I have to say I was kind of confused as why you would want to spray water on your face, but I now see the appeal. It refreshes your face and sets your makeup, which is perfect if your face gets dry throughout the day.

It successfully gives your skin a dewy glow, without making it look wet or oily.

I actually liked using it more at night, before I went to bed. After I took off my makeup and washed my face, I did a quick spray before I went to sleep and it gave me a clean, moisturized feeling. I wish it was still summer, because I can definitely see using Maya Water on a hot summer day. Especially if you live in a humid area, you can get the feeling of splashing cold water on your face without messing up your makeup or hair. Perfect!

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